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About Haoxin

TGS is a dynamic global business network of independent firms providing accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services. At TGS, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. TGS means Think Global Sustainability. Currently operating with 69 members from 57 countries.

With over 4350 professional staff in these 57 countries, multidisciplinary TGS member firms support clients by designing global, sustainable solutions and providing a one-stop-shop for business advisory, audit, tax, legal and accounting services. Our expertise fuels local and international growth, informs innovation and positions clients in the marketplace, safeguards businesses against financial and organisational risks and helps to value and maintain assets.

Our pragmatic vision of business, experience in the field and feedback from members enables us to continuously improve our methods and solutions to suit unique client environments.

At TGS, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are deeply committed to implementing responsible business practices and developing solutions with a positive impact on society. TGS means Think Global Sustainability. Accordingly, we support the ten principles of the Global Compact on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Our culture, strategies and operations are aligned with universal principles of sustainable development.

We aim to deliver sustainable, long term excellence in service delivery. As such, we build quality with our members at the center of the process as befits clients with global policies on auditing, ethics and independence. 

We nurture transparent, honest relationships with our members and clients and work with integrity and accountability.

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